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I favor they for example no other (it is definitely a separate love of Harry Potter)



I favor they for example no other (it is definitely a separate love of Harry Potter)

I adore Romeo Juliet (nicely composed)

Laura Z, towards the article 547 We agree totally that this is like the “Twilight” type for us thirty and you will fourty year olds, rescue which i am seventeen :). We ran from guides to see you to definitely summer and you may happened so you can pluck Outlander away from my moms and dads bookcase, and now have started obsessed from the time. And that i shudder to consider lost this new show got We grabbed some other book as an alternative. P.S. I did, even though I am absolutely nothing embarrased to say, check out the Twilight collection, and you will saw the way the story you may interest of numerous adolescent girls, however, receive new emails extremely underdeveloped in several facets. And, zero offense for you Twilight fans nowadays, I found Bella becoming a tiny pathetic with her getting thus determined by Edward as well as. However, this woman is said to be a teenager, so i guess that do account for they.

Athena, I failed to agree with you a lot more! I despair to think of my entire life had We perhaps not discovered Outlander inside my collection 4 in years past once i is 16 and you may worked here. Outlander is my personal special magic, because the nobody else that i know got been aware of it. Now they would be a motion picture plus appealing to more youthful crowds of people (even in the event I found myself younger while i basic see clearly). We read Twilight the initial week they appeared, long much time way back, once the I thought the new shelter was very, area sounded fascinating, and since I experienced very first dibs at the library. I happened to be made enjoyable out-of plenty getting understanding it, and therefore sucked even more as I imagined it was an incredibly a lot of time story that has been very improperly authored, and decided not to stay the actual annoying sighs and you may problems of one’s narrator. Finally I was thinking it was an enthusiastic “ok” publication, but nonetheless, ninety days later on it’s the most useful-selling publication on every listing. Ridiculous. Brand new love and you may bond between Jamie and you can Claire is far more arranged and you will good, so it is easy to see as to why the only you’ll slide so you can parts without having any other, in addition to end up being proud one to one another Claire and Jamie had the ability to be on traditions even after are besides their soul mates (he’s good plausible and motivating letters. ) however, Bella and you may Edward have become Romeo Juliet how the all of a sudden love one another however, can’t be along with her, thus both getting self-destructive. Didn’t particularly Twilight so much (cheap kind of the fresh new above mentioned headings that have vampires). Disappointed getting taking place such about Twilight, I really don’t suggest to surface which thread by making they you to of numerous Twilight discussion boards.

I really like Outlander

Rachel Athena Its kind of the same with me. I’m 21 and I first have read Outlander when I was 16. It totally changed my life. It was a relevation for me. I also read Twilight, but only because I saw the first movie (and that only b/c <i kind of liked Robert Pattinson). But Twilight is to cheesy for me. And I can't understand why everybody falls for Edward. I mean, he is a stalker who woud love to kill Bella (who I don't like at all). I would stay away from somebody like him ?? The 2nd Book was better b/c it was written very good. The last book was WAY over the top. Didn't like that one at all. Outlander. I mean, thanks to Outlander I now know exactly what I want to do in my life. And thanks to Jamie Fraser I know what kind of man I want. Like I said: The book has been a relevation for me. I've become a Scotland Freak and I'm totally interested in the 45 and everything about it. I want nothing more than move to Scotland ,marry a tall, viking-like Scot, and work there. Thats my dream. Thanks to Outlander and Diana Gabaldon. Therefore I wouldn't mind to much if the movie wouldn't come that close to my imagination b/c the book is so much more for me than just a story.

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