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BBNaija 2020:- No Sensible Northerner Will Allow His Daughter Go To BBNaija — Socialite Saleeem Speaks Against Kaisha Going Into The House



A northerner, Kaisha is in the house, and this choice may have stirred up debates on social media!

BBNaija Kaisha is from Sokoto and a Twitter user who identifies himself as Mr. Saleem is of the opinion that no sensible northerner will allow his daughter participate in BBNaija. He wondered if Kaisha’s is a true Northerner because shyness and modesty are part of Hausa/Fulani culture.

“No sensible man from Arewa would ever allow his daughter to join #BBNaija. I wonder which part of the NORTH this “Aisha/Kaisha” comes from exactly. If she’s a Northerner, then definitely she’s not Hausa/Fulani, because shyness and modesty are part of our culture too.”, he tweeted.

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