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Buhari Govt Attacked For Reopening Churches, Mosques While Schools Remain Closed



Some Nigerians has slammed the decision by the federal government to reopen Churches and Mosques while schools remain shut.

Recall that Buhari on Monday lifted the ban on religious gathering across the country but announced that schools should remain closed. Chairman of the Task Force, Boss Mustapha, made the announcement during the briefing of the presidential task force (PTF) on COVID-19 on Monday.

Mustapha said Churches are to reopen for the next four weeks spanning 2nd – 29th June 2020, and is subject to review. Reacting on social media, some Nigerians queried why the ban on religious gathering was lifted and schools remain closed. Some of them are of the opinion that the children locked at home will still visit religious centres.

Here are some comments as compiled by dailypost:

Retired_T, “How do you open churches and mosques but prohibit other gatherings above 20 people? COVID na Pagan? @Drolufunmilayo, “Every sensible country that I know of is working on opening up schools as a priority. Not churches not Mosques, but Nigeria is more worried about leaving churches and mosques closed than opening up schools.

Religion is a bigger priority than education. We are just clowns.” @eddyboyvik, “The Presidential Task Force decision to open Churches and Mosques while keeping schools closed doesn’t make any sense to me like. It’s not gonna make any difference with schools closed.”

@Mrodanz, “Churches and Mosques are opening but airports are yet to open? I like how we don’t shy away from our priorities in this country. Oyakhilome and his cohorts can go back to collecting regular tithes and offerings so they’d stop disturbing us with 5G conspiracy theories.”

@swagzyconnect, “If they are in such a hurry to open Churches and Mosques, then why not the schools? We closed all these at 100 COVID-19 cases but we are opening them after 10,000. Buhari and his cohorts are going to tear this nation apart!”

@afoguranto100, “Aggressively ignorant to condemn the existence of COVID-19, isn’t it questionable for Churches and Mosques to be opened with educational institutions still down nationwide?”

@Borngreatola, “How the government found it important to open churches and mosques but not schools still beats me. How they thought it important to relax the ban domestic flights but not interstate travels is baffling.”

@ayodejiabolaji, “The kids you’re keeping out of school will be going to the said opened Churches and Mosques.”

@Strawapil, “It is crazy for Churches and Mosques to reopen. Clubs and bars should reopen too. I have not been going to work since March.” @thebabaibeji, “When we had about 100 cases they closed churches and mosques; now we have more than 10k cases and churches and mosques can now open.”

@kinkywubi, “Earlier today we hit 10,000 cases, as part of activities to celebrate this feat, the Presidential task force has recommended the reopening of churches and mosques! Ladies and gentlemen, may the best immune system win.”

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