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7 Things You Should Not Do When Meeting Your Partner’s Parents For The First Time (Don’t Even Try No. 2)



The stage where partners gets to meet each other’s parent is no doubt a very high stage, a stage close to marriage.
This is a major step in a relationship, so the first impression can be a lasting impression, believe me when I say that.

A lot of people has failed on their first meeting with their partner’s parent but I won’t let that happen to you.

Here are the 7 things you should make st do sure you don’t do when meeting your partner’s parent.

1. Playing With Your Phone
Avoid being on your phone, texting, checking your mail, facebooking or chatting. Sometimes most of us do it unknowingly.

It is true some chicks do that just to keep themselves busy, but your spouse parents might feel dismissed and think you are not interested in getting to know them, especially, So avoid your phone at that first time.

2. Lie To Make Yourself Look Good
Being fake instead of who you truly are is a mistake that can upset your partner’s parents, and even your partner.

Remember, they may get to know who you are later or in your absence, and it could really hurt your relationship.

If you have told your partner the truth about you and your partner has accepted the kind of person you are, his/her parents should be able to do same.

So there is no need of lying to attract their likeness.

3. Bringing Up A Controversial Topic For Discussion
Please don’t bring up a topic like Religion, Politics, or s3x for discussion, even if you know that your believe are in line with your partner’s parents.

Some people still consider it bad for bringing up such topic for discussion before them.

Concentrate on getting to know them more rather than those topics. If they keep discussing such topic among themselves, do more of listening.

4. Don’t Give Long Speeches, Make Your Speeches Brief
Despite the fact that they are very interested in getting to know you, they also do not want to spend the entire time listening to your life story.

Don’t tell them stories about how your father divorced your mother when you were a teenager, how your community people burnt a woman to ashes for insulting her hubby, and all that.

Make your speeches brief and interesting.

5. Public Display Affection
Yes, public display of affection can be wonderful,but there is appropriate time for it.

This does not mean you have to become cold, distant and robotic.

Feel relaxed, interact with them gently, smile and be friendly, but make it neutral, rather than behaving as if you are desperate to have them as in laws.

6. Don’t Finish Any Food Given To You
Whether the food is small or plenty, and no matter how delicious it is.

Never ask for alcohol if you are asked to make a choice of drink. Don’t be carried away. This is very important.

7. Don’t Pass The Night There
No matter the persuasion, don’t pass the night in their house on your first day of visit.

The End!!!

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