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4 Ways To Build Trust In A Relationship



A happy relationship must embrace open lines of communication where one is able to share those moments when they feel their needs are not being met, or are being ignored. The need for sincerity is, therefore, key to the growth of relationships.

Trust is key to successful partnerships. But how do you build trust in a relationship, especially if you’ve been burned before? Here are four ways to build and maintain trust in a relationship:

1. Trust yourself

There’s a fine line between forgiving someone and allowing them to use you, so many of us overcompensate with a tough girl routine to avoid getting hurt – and miss out on the entire ‘trust in a relationship’ experience. When going all in, trust your ability to make the right decisions for your well-being. This will put you at ease and help you feel empowered.

2. Consider your relationship a separate entity

Leave your emotional baggage at the door. What’s happened to you in your past relationships have nothing to do with the current relationship you’re in. Use this as an opportunity to set boundaries and build trust in a relationship.

3. Keep your promises

Broken promises will never build trust in a relationship. If you say you’ll call him tomorrow, call him tomorrow. If you say you’ll meet him for lunch, be there with bells on.

Of course, sometimes the day can get away from us, so if something’s causing a delay, always get in touch with a backup plan. Don’t be a flake – a little effort goes a long way.

4. Ask him for help

The best part of trust in a relationship is having each other’s back. If you’re going to be late getting off work, ask him to pick up dinner. If you’re having a problem with a friend, ask him for his advice. Eventually, you’ll feel comfortable relying on each other completely.

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