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The Problem With Kizz Daniel – What Exactly His Career Needs Right Now [A Must Read]



Kizz Daniel has been absent from the scene, what could be happening?

Ask anyone about Kizz Daniel. They’ll probably describe him as that artiste without blemish. Finest at his art, no stains on his discography, a quick check, you’ll discover he’s been one of the most consistent out there, year after year.

But hey, something is probably missing. You feel it, you know, “we suppose dey appreciate this guy more than this”. Everyone knows this.

But it’s not just him. The music ecosystem doesn’t reward people with no stains. For you to succeed, you have to fight dirty for it.

The Problem

To be at the upper echelon of the game, your name has to be trampled on, discussed scornfully, treated with disrespect. You can’t be clean, months after months for you to trend, you just have to be embroiled in one controversy or the other, whether good or bad. It’s not for you, it’s just for your records to sell.

But it’s not Kizz Daniel. It gets so bad people can’t drag him. It disgusts keyboard warriors on Twitter they can’t find an artist they can compare him with.

They argue he’s B list, his fans, a handful, not an army of a large magnitude especially when you compare his to WizKid FC or any other top tier artiste fanbase, their numbers slacks, and when an argument props online, you know who comes second best.

Is King Of Love Coming Soon?

For some reasons, he’s been relatively quiet. He’s taken off photos from his Instagram feed. There however remains one. The comments on that single remaining post are about his whereabouts. His girls, primary consumers of his consumers are concerned. “Where’s he”?

Apart from the short-but-sweet Jore, he’s been absent from the scene, musically. There are promises of an EP, King Of Love before the CoronaVirus outbreak but perhaps the Instagram absenteeism is a signal of what’s to come.

What Kizz Daniel Needs

Yet, fans are hesitant. They’re expectant of a Kizz Daniel record. They want a fresh material but perhaps a Kizz Daniel is orchestrating a different move this time. Finessing what will take him from B list to A list.

What will be a check move is him inking a deal with a major record label. Or him publishing or licensing the EP to a record label to bankroll.

Many say it’s time, long overdue. Burna Boy took that move when he released Outside under Atlantic records and that kick-started his rule till date. Adekunle Gold has taken the same approach by releasing his new record Something Different with Virgin EMI a subsidiary of Universal Music.

It might be what Kizz Daniel needs for recognition by the powers that be. The music industry gatekeepers. It might be what he needs to start a new change in life.

It could kick-start a run that might culminate in him succeeding Burna Boy. Who knows.

It could alert foreign artists to work with him, something that hasn’t happened on a large scale yet.

That’s what he needs.

Guys, What Are Your Thoughts On This?

Drop your comments.

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