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People Are Too Hungry To Observe Social Distancing – Actor, Muyiwa Ademola



Nollywood actor and filmmaker, Muyiwa Ademola has expressed that several Nigerians are hungry that they care less about social distancing as a result of the lockdown.

Ademola shared his experience while distributing food items to some communities as a way of supporting families during the COVID-19 lockdown.

The actor had joined his friend and colleague Femi Adebayo to carry out the exercise through their foundation “The Unique Charitable Foundation” in Ibadan but got mobbed by hungry and desperate residents who didn’t care about social distancing.

“Earlier today Femi Adebayo and I on behalf of our foundation went to some places in Ibadan to distribute some foodstuff. It was quite an experience,” he narrates.

“A little help with a little smile gives meaning to human life. We “The Unique Charitable Foundation” went out today to reach out to some of our people out there to support various foodstuffs to help those that need us. May God continue to bless @ucfng …

We pray that God in his infinite mercy heals our land.

“Before leaving for this exercise earlier today, our spouses felt observing social distancing would be a bit difficult but we assured them we would get people coordinated.

“Behold “Social Distancing” was like an alien language to those at our first call. They said they were ready to die because they are hungry, nothing we said could matter to them, we couldn’t get them to be on a line and keep physical distance! When we threatened to leave if they do not concur we were mobbed by the BOYS, thank God we left there alive! So sad those old women who were in the queue couldn’t be attended to.

“People are hungry and angry but an adage says “Bi a ba n sunkun, a mariran”, we only came to give back to the society that made us but we were unfairly treated. It’s fine, we understand. This exercise will continue tomorrow but orderliness is important so as not to create more danger! “Social distancing is key,” he disclosed.

The ‘Ori’ star, however, revealed that Femi Adebayo and the entire team will observe another 14-day isolation after the reach out.

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