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Isolating With Bae? Prepare to deal with these 3 issues before the lockdown is over



14 days of bliss in a Lagos lockdown with bae? Likely not! [Credit - Shutterstock]

14 days of bliss in a Lagos lockdown with bae? Likely not! [Credit - Shutterstock]

When isolation was just an idea floating around, the likelihood of staying at home with your favourite person in the world and the numerous possibilities of what you could do with so much time on your hands would have caused flutters in the belly of anyone.

But with an initial period of at least 14 days and whispers of a probable extension, things could get watered down just a little bit [or a whole lot] before you know it.

And don’t be surprised if one or more of these three issues rear their heads in your relationship before the end of the lockdown:

Patience wears thin

That you would be with a partner for an uninterrupted 336 hours without somehow getting on their nerves, or they on yours, is quite unlikely.

I might have one or two things to also learn from your patience and absolute accommodation. Maybe dash you and your bae something too.

But I digress. The point here is this: issues are very likely to rise in this period and your conflict resolution skills will be put to test.

Anywho, here’s a free tip to help you pull through; always remind yourselves that it is you both against the issue, and this period of being locked down together can actually be good for trashing out issues, sorting out differences and understanding each other better.

Sexual problems become unavoidable

If you have sexual problems that you’ve been trying to mask, or sex-related stuff that you have been running away from addressing, these 14 days will likely expose those hidden problems, or make the tough conversations totally unavoidable.

On the bright side, think of this period as a time to find answers and get some clarity – at last.

You get stressed out

Being together 24/7 for at least two weeks isn’t the norm for most couples, so finding it a little [or very] stressful is kind of expected.

When this happens though, be careful to not take it out on your partner. Also be sensitive enough to know when they need a little space to be with their thoughts.

But it’s a two way thing, just as one partner is mindful of these things, the other definitely has to do same. If not, kasala will definitely burst.

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