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COVID-19 Is Just A Tip Of What’s To Come If You Miss Rapture – Pretty Mike



Mike Eze-Nwalie Nwogu, a Lagos nightclub owner better known as Pretty Mike, says happenings across the world due to COVID-19 are indicative of what is to come when rapture takes place.

Rapture is a Christian terminology used to refer to events that will take place during the second coming of Jesus Christ to take those who served God faithfully with him to an eternal paradise.

It is believed the world would witness several tumultuous moments — including wars, pandemic outbreaks among others — before the event takes place.

Taking to his social media page to air his view on the current COVID-19 pandemic, the socialite said the ongoings across the world are tips of what will be for those who will miss the rapture.

“Covid-19 is just a tip of what is to come if you miss rapture!,” he wrote on Instagram.

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