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‘APC & PDP Lawmakers Are United When It Comes To Sharing Money’ – Sagay



Prof. Itse Sagay (SAN), Chairman of the Presidential Advisory Committee Against Corruption (PACAC) in this interview, speaks on the efforts by the Federal Government to tackle the COVID-19 pandemic and other related issues.

It has been reported that the House of Reps have taken delivery of exotic cars and even distributed some during this period that the nation is going through a hard time.

What is your perspective on that?

Nigerian politicians will never change. If it is true, then I am not surprised. I once granted an interview where I said on the issue of sharing money, luxury, wastage of resources and enjoyment of life, there is no difference between APC and PDP.

They are always united when it comes to sharing money, collecting resources and pocketing money meant for the country; there is no difference between them.

They are a very tight brotherhood. So, I am not surprised or disappointed hearing that they are taking possession of cars during this period.

I believe things will never change until there is a change of order in which real prudence is imposed. It will never come voluntarily; it has to be imposed on them.

What I envisaged in future is that we are now going to have part-time parliamentarians who will only come and get allowance for few months that they come in a year and the vehicles they are going to use will not be their own.

There will be buses in the National Assembly which they will use if they are going on assignments. When they finish, they return the vehicles and go back home.

That will be the final solution. These lawmakers, those who are going to succeed them and those who are going to succeed those who succeed them are going to behave in the same way because the agenda is share the money, luxuriate, gather material things, self-interest first and let the country die. That is the attitude of politicians.

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