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5 types of single men that turn off women



Why women never want you even though you are single and available [Credit: Madamenoire]

Why women never want you even though you are single and available [Credit: Madamenoire]

No matter how ready you are, and no matter how great you think you’ll be for any woman who chooses to date you, you may still not get any woman.

Being nice and being self-sufficient will not appeal to women if you have the following self-sabotaging behaviours:

1. Hung on an ex

You will turn women off if you still carry around memories of an ex tightly clung to yiur chest. No lady wants to feel like a seat-filler or like a second choice.

If a woman has left you for whatever reason, then ensure to wean yourself of her and memories of her before you attempt to get with another.

2. Come off as fake

No point being fake. No point projecting fake confidence, wealth or knowledge that one can easily see through. If the woman you are interested in catches a whiff of this, chances are that she would be greatly turned off.

Be natural. Be yourself. People know what to expect with you that way, and they won’t be disappointed.

3. All about yourself

You should genuinely care about a woman if you need to her to be interested and to sustain the interest she has in you.

If she senses that you are all about what you can get from her – which, most of the times, happens to be sex – then best believe she’s probably going to be so pissed off.

4. Trust issues

Got trust issues? That’s one more reason for women to keep a distance from you even before a relationship materializes.

No one wants to date someone who doubts their words, actions and intentions at every turn.

Sure, trust is not to be given freely but at least, everyone deserves the opportunity to earn it.

5. Moving too fast

If you’re wondering why she’s not into you, it may be because you’re subtly pushing her in a way that makes him super uncomfortable.

Be intentional, yes, but also learn to adequately pace yourself.

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