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5 big things your friends should never know about your relationship



Be careful what you tell your friends about your relationship [Credit: Black New Zone]

Be careful what you tell your friends about your relationship [Credit: Black New Zone]

Be careful of giving out too much information.

Sharing titbits of your relationship when you are with your girls does not sound like a bad idea, and rightly so.

Chatting with your babes or doing with your guys during your hangouts is not in any way criminal or wrong. But like everything else in life and love, there’s a place to draw the line. So here are the things about your relationship that you cannot share with outsiders. And it does not matter that they are your friends.

1. Your money problems

If you and your partner are having issues saving or paying off debt, that’s no one’s business but yours. So keep it out of the discussion when next you are with your boys, or when you are out with your babes at that salon date.

2. Nudes

This is invasion of privacy in the most childish way. It is also a betrayal of your partner’s trust. With nudes and other private sexy stuff shared in the confidentiality of your lover-to-lover communications, your approach should be absolute secrecy.

Your partner intends for the pics and clips to be for your eyes only. Let it remain so, please dear.

3. Your sex life

What you do behind closed doors with the person you love should remain behind closed doors. If the two of you are happy with how it goes down, that’s all that matters. No need to get validation or proudly make graphic explanations your friends.

Do not do it.

4. Their dislike for your friends

If your partner does not like your friends and only stays civil to them for your sake, do not go on telling them about this. Let the respectful social relationship continue as it is. No need to make things worse than they already are. If the courtesy and civility is there, let it remain so. No need to foster animosity and resentment in your friend towards your partner.

5. Relationship secrets

There’s such thing as lover’s privileges. Make sure you do not abuse this. The things your partner tells you because they are in a relationship with you, keep them close to your chest. Private stuff should always remain private.

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