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For women: Signs that your man isn’t enjoying sex with you



What everyone agrees to, though, is that sex is very important to the happiness in a relationship. Sex creates stronger bonds, it is the one thing that you can’t [ideally] do with anyone else than your partner. It is the exclusive thing you share with them and for that reason, it take a exalted place when many people list the things they want in a potential relationship.

It’s not just sex that people want though. It is good sex, satisfactory sex. In the way that your partner likes and desires from you constantly. And it is important to give it to them in that way.

Below, we list the things you will see if your partner does not really enjoy sex with you that much.

1. Many excuses

Men are usually ready and raring to go. So if your partner who usually can’t get his hands off you and always wants to initiate sex at all times and at all places suddenly begins to pull back and generate excuses for why he does not want to sleep with you, it could be because he’s not enjoying it.

It could also be some stress or health disorder too.

2. Doesn’t initiate

Yeah, this is another way to know. Men are primary initiators of sex. If he is not initiating anymore as he used to and it’s not as if your relationship is going through a conflict at the moment, it could be because he is not enjoying it.

Why try, if it’s going to be boring, and one sided and monotonous?

3. Sexual touches outside the bedroom stops

Many times for couples with lit sex lives, sex does not start in the bedroom. It is everywhere. A touch here, a wink there. A sexy message here, an erotic meme there. It is a lifestyle building up all day, every day.

If all of a sudden your partner who used to try this with you stops, it is a sign that he see no reason why he should continue.

The question now will be: were you giving him the same vibes when he was doing that? If you were dulling him, of course he would see no reason why he should continue doing it.

4. What he does after sex

This is also another way to know that your man does not enjoy sex with you. If he stops caring about your satisfaction and begins to pursue only his own, that is, he goes after his pleasure and stops trying for yours after he achieves his, it could be because he thinks you don’t do enough to deserve it.

The sudden stop could be a way of getting back at you for not being active or lively enough for him. If he has cared for so long about satisfying you and making you have bomb sex, and all you do is lie there and take it all, he could stop caring about pleasuring you and just focus on pleasuring himself.

5. Stops caring about a second time

He doesn’t go more than one round. No matter how great you think the sex is, he never wants a second go at it anymore.

It could be his subtle way of saying one time is enough punishment.

What to do

Communicate. When you notice any of these patterns or something that indicates that your partner may be losing interest in you like he used to be, talk about it and see what you can do to help the situation.

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