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For Ladies: 10 Ways to Attract The Man of Your Dreams



We all dream of finding the man of our dreams and sometimes, one gets impatient waiting for him to come along. Now you do not need to wait idly, follow these 10 tips to help you

Believe it or not, finding the right man starts with…you guessed it. YOU!

1. Know what you want

You’d better know what you want or you just might get a slew of those you don’t want. Being confident in your needs and wants is of the utmost importance.

You need to have him down to a science, know every single little detail, know his chemical makeup and formula, basically, you’d better be sure you know the type of man you want. Don’t be timid on this one.

Set out a solid, strong intention. Write down a list of things you want and even the things you don’t want in a man.

You want the universe to bring you what you ask for, period. In order to do that, you must be very clear regarding the image of your dreamboat.

You’re building a man here, so make him the way you want him, but make sure you know how you want him to be; otherwise you really do run the risk of getting some very interesting characters.

2. Get rid of baggage

Thinking you can move right along and not deal with some things from the past will get you in a hot mess faster than you think.

How do you plan to carry around all that baggage with you into the next relationship? And aren’t you looking for the man of your dreams? Girl, he does not want all that mess.

So you’d better clean up your table, clean out your closet, and reorganise your suitcase because your dream man doesn’t want to deal with all of that.

While some of those traumas are unavoidable and will, at some point, resurface, you want to be sure you’re in tip-top form when dream man comes along. Don’t just go looking for him when you haven’t worked on yourself first.

It doesn’t work that way. Clean up your system, your mind, body, and spirit; open up your heart for healing. But whatever you do, re-evaluate all that weight you’ve been carry around. Be lighter and brighter.

3. Exorcise your ghosts

Baggage is one thing, but ex-boyfriends are another. If you maintain some semblance of contact with them, you might want to cut that cord.

Many of you keep in touch with an ex because you have co-dependency issues, others want a fall back option, while others love the attention; all these reasons are the wrong reasons to have an ex in your life.

If he is not a genuine friend, someone you can count on, then there’s really no reason to keep him around. Plus, having an ex around can make even the securest of people feel at least a little awkward.

So we’re talking about the man of your dreams here which means we want to make sure we are spick and span when he comes rolling into our lives like a romantic early morning fog on a very green mountain. Let those ghosts go and let a real human take up that space within your life.

4. Focus on YOU

Nothing feels better than doing things for yourself. Whether it means taking a course, learning new skills, or basic self-care, working on ourselves is the key to happiness.We want to increase our levels of feel-good vibes that come from us, not from another place.

We want to be the providers of our own happiness. And in doing so, we increase our positive energy. When our energy is positive, we heighten our vibration.

No lie, just like that your dream man will appear. For when we are work on energy planes that make us feel joyful and satisfied, we begin to radiate outwards. Those waves will attract similar waves, it’s the law of attraction.

Therefore, you want to work on yourself in a positive way. Heal, learn, enjoy; do whatever it takes to boost your positivity and your dream man will appear in no time. Don’t be surprised that he will be equal to your own energy. That’s how it works, girl. These are the rules of the universe of love.

5. Dress to make you feel good

While you might have the man of your dreams down to a /t/ with all the /i/s dotted and whatnot, you cannot one hundred percent know him.

You don’t know all of his likes and dislikes, although if he’s the man of your dreams he will be a reflection of you or at least like the things you like. Therefore, there’s no sense in trying to dress for him when you should be dressing for yourself.

Dress in a way that makes you feel most comfortable and confident Don’t try to be something you’re not. He won’t appear if you’re making wrong moves and decisions about yourself.

Remember the self-confident rule? Well, girl, that applies here. Apply it hard and stick to it. Don’t go changing your style because you think he likes another style.

He will like your style if he’s your one and only, so go ahead and dress as crazy or non-crazy as you wanna. He will love you for you. And he will love whatever you put on because at the end of the day clothes are just clothes. He’s gonna love the girl.

6. Reject the negativity

Much like focusing on the positive, you want to eliminate the negative. It will only hurt you in the end if you radiate negative vibes. If you are resonating on negative tones, you’d better fix that fast. You will, without a doubt and very quickly mind you, attract some pretty bad characters if you don’t fix your energy bubble.

When you reject the negative you are saying you deserve and want the positive. This starts with talking to yourself in a healthy way.

Saying how beautiful you are, finding something about yourself you genuinely love and focus on it for a while. Doing the opposite, beating yourself up, belittling yourself, and being cruel will only attract a man that will view you in the same way. Stop doing that now, this very second.

You must love yourself if you want to get the man of your dreams. If you cannot stop negative chatter there are plenty of meditations out there that can help you eliminate bad habits. These are bad habits and they can be reversed. Start today, it’s well worth it.

7. Think positively

So this is very much related to self-confidence, but it’s a little different. Here you want to start talking to yourself in a positive way. You want to build up your self-esteem through affirmation about yourself Once you feel the energy waves soaring, you should use that same energy and put it out into the world.

Do something nice for someone, help without being asked, give a compliment or a thank you card. All of these positive acts will bring the man of your dreams closer to you.

That is if he’s a positive creature himself, and let’s hope you’ve created him as such because why would you want anything less than the best?

Being positive is not only a good way to be, but it allows you to enjoy life and when we are enjoying life little gifts from above will find their way into our hands and hearts.

Being positive is also great for your entire body, mind, and spirit and that of the universe. Why not be positive? If nothing else you increase your quality of living and hopefully in the process get you that dream man.

8. Conjure him up

You’re on this mission to find him, your dream man, the man of your dreams, the man that is made of dreams, the man that dreams are made of.

You get the point. So why not use your dreams to conjure him? Try to focus on what type of man you want right before you fall asleep.

You might even want to apply some good habits like lighting candles or incense, playing music or meditating, but give yourself a nice bedtime ceremony that gets you in the mood to dream up your man. Write down what he should be like, say those things out loud then continue to say them to yourself.

Keep building him up in your subconscious so that he can appear in the real world. This takes time and practice, even some patience. But this is a sure fire way to conjure the man of your dreams.

It’s as simple as demanding that you dream him; but in the very act of the demand, you are making clear intentions about him and that’s what’s more important than the dream itself.

9. Don’t look but look

It’s this tricky balance that is a little too complicated to explain, but I’ll do my best. In truth, you don’t have to look too hard if you are doing all the right things to attract the man of your dreams.

He will come, don’t you worry your pretty, little head. But you don’t want to be overly confident, and you don’t want to be so vain to think that he will just appear at your door out of nowhere.

You have to be pro-active. That means keeping your eyes peeled. That means being aware of your surroundings. That means being in touch with signs.

You want to be present in your daily actions and activities so as not to miss any indicator that he might be nearby. If you need more guidance, ask the universe to help you.

Ask for a spirit guide or an angel. That way you will be sure that you won’t miss him should he come out of nowhere.

Because sometimes it happens like that, when you least expect it. And we’d hate for you to miss your man.

10. Believe

Stronger than anything is faith. It is something that dominates our actions and minds since the beginning of time.

If you believe something you can make it a reality and you also make it the centre of your world by following the rules that govern it. Now you must apply this thought process to the man of your dreams.

Don’t doubt for a second that he’s out there, floating around the universe, looking for you, too. He could be anywhere, but just know that he’s already a part of your current existence. Your new religion is that of dream guy getting.

Right now nothing else matters. If you want him badly enough, you will believe that it is possible; not only to find him but have a satisfying, blissful relationship with him. You can only believe because what else is there to do?

And believing will increase your vibration and your chances of encountering him, perhaps sooner than you had anticipated. Believing gives life purpose, so why not believe, right?

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